For the Passionate Single Woman Ready For The Love of A Lifetime

Imagine If You Could..

Feel like your powerful self in dating, without being called extra or too much.
Ignite sexy passionate connections with single men, without attracting or settling for sexual relationships.
Return home from a rejuvenating vacation, without coming back to problems in your love life.
Savor charm and chivalry from single men, without forgetting to vet what they’re ready and available for emotionally.
Open your heart to dating the extraordinary single man you desire, without worrying about past experiences.
Enjoy the flow of dating, without wasting time with single men who want “situationships”.
Have a vibrant love life, without sacrificing your career success.
I’m here to tell you that it is ALL possible! And you don't have to do it alone anymore.

I'm here to be your personal Chief Love Officer on your love journey.

Introducing The Love Detox Private Master Program

The LOVE Detox is a private virtual love coaching program for the passionate single woman ready for extraordinary love.
What You Will Learn in The LOVE Detox Program:

The LOVE Detox Program is an intensive and interactive experience that guides you to uncover hidden barriers and limiting beliefs to declutter and cleanse your heart, mind, body, and soul to create and attract the love you desire.

During the program, you will learn to get clear to shift your mindset to an empowered approach to connecting with the opposite sex in dating & relationships.

Through foundations of self-value, passion, authenticity and unleashing feminine power you will learn to reconnect to your essence and become a magnetic woman to attract and choose a high-quality relationship-ready single man who is aligned with YOU!
Module 1

 Getting to the Heart of The Matter

Module 2

Your First Love Story

Module 3

Becoming The Author of Your Love Life

Module 4

Feminine Engagement + Sensual Connection

Module 5

Create the Vision of Love You Desire

Module 6

Embodying The Queen

Benefits of The LOVE Detox:

Confidently Engage With High Quality Single Men For Romantic Connections

Consistently Inspire Extraordinary Chivalrous Single MEN TO TAKE THE LEAD

Vet Any Man You're Dating to Save and Reclaim Your Time, Without Feeling Like A Cop

Clarity On How To Choose The Right Extraordinary Romantic Partner For YOU

Confidently Let Go of Men Who Are Not Aligned with You and Your Love Standards

Master “The Femme Factor” Techniques to Get Men to Open Up At Any Level of Dating

Exude Magnetic Energy  That Attracts Endless Dating Opportunities From Single Men You Desire

Embody Freedom & Reignite Your Sexy Self For A Feminine Powerful You…in any situation


“I met Lisa while I was in an unhealthy relationship. Can you say perfect timing? After only one workshop, I ended that relationship and began my journey and quest for love. Through my journey I discovered what I truly desired in a romantic partner. I wanted commitment, respect, loyalty and a family. Two years later, and here I am, in a loving, healthy, powerful relationship with a man that was ready to commit so much so that he put a ring on it! Thank you Lisa because if it wasn’t for you, I would have never had the tools to get clear about what I was looking for.”
J. Trioche| Sales Coordinator

The LOVE Detox is Right For You If:

You tend to commit to a man you're dating before you're in a committed relationship with him

You have stopped dating because you can’t stand the way men approach you

You want a man that takes the lead and is secure with you being your powerful self

You’re ready for love, yet you’re wondering why you keep meeting men that you’re not attracted to

You built your way up the career or education ladder and are now ready to make time for dating again.

You’re recently back in the dating game after (officially) ending a committed long term relationship or marriage

You’re ready to upgrade your love life and commit to the coaching process

You’re done trying to figure out love and men alone and are ready for expert guidance on how to attract the love you want

You see the value in personal growth and are ready to invest in yourself

The LOVE Detox is Not Right For You If:

You start programs and don’t care to follow through and finish them

You want to man-bash and blame your exes for everything

You complain, gossip and judge when things don’t go your way

You’re a know-it-all and are attached to being right

You’re not willing to invest in yourself for your own personal growth

The LOVE Detox Program At A Glance

Phone Coaching
(Value $6,497)

You begin the course with (6) Bi-monthly 45-minute interactive private coaching calls. With each call, it’s like chatting and receiving support from an empowered BFF on the other side of the world, yet she makes you feel like you are in the same room.

MP3 Recordings
(Value $997)

Want to listen to your call again? Maybe you’re thinking, “she gave a lot of valuable info” What was that last thing she said? I would love to hear that again”.  No worries, I got your back with recordings of each weekly group coaching call in a digital mp3 format for your lifestyle convenience.

Love Assignments
(Value $1,497)

You’re ready to create lasting results, so now it is time shift into action. You will get activities to go from reflection to action via an Action-workbook PDF for your weekly Love Assignment after each call to support your comprehensive learning, valuable insights with practice.

Email Coaching
(Value $2,497)

Got a love question for me, but our next call isn’t until for 2 weeks? With unlimited email access you can send me any hair on fire dating/relationship question and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Lisa Velazquez is an Intuitive Love Coach & Founder of Lisa Talks Love.

She helps passionate single women get ready for the love they desire from a place of self value.

Lisa is a highly sought-after expert for her inside scoop on love culture, modern dating trends and hot healthy relationships.  She has been a featured expert on numerous podcasts, magazines, books, telesummits, programs and, conferences.

Lisa offers this guidance through her virtual private one on one courses, group intuitive love coaching membership, and live events. She graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and is both a Certified Sex Therapist and Certified Sex Educator.

Her mission is to cultivate a community of women around the world who live well, date wise and love sexy. As a thought leader with a global vision, her message Love By Example embodies the belief that when you choose to stand for your self value, you can change the world.

The value of The LOVE Detox is $11,488. Your investment today is only $11,488 $4,997

Rather than retail therapy as a fix for a day or two, but over time it will lose its value, quality and even go out of style.

And your heartache, frustration, and confusion about men and love will still be there when you return to the current reality of your love life.

Unlike material things, when you choose to invest in The LOVE Detox program it will add value to your love life beyond the day of completing the program.

That's because the investment you make in this program is an investment in you.

You will have gained clarity and love wisdom from the inside out that will be with you for years to come.

Imagine, Being Clear and Free of What's Been Holding You Back in Love And FINALLY Attracting the Relationship You Want.


“When I met Lisa, I was in a long-distance situationship! I was giving my love to someone who not only didn’t want to commit to me, but wasn’t even there to court me and fulfill my needs… But then again, at the time I didn’t even think I had needs. Lisa guided me in really getting clear about what it is that I wanted and needed in a romantic relationship. I was able to let go of him and started attracting chivalrous, supportive, commitment-ready men. Now I am in a passionate, supportive, mind-stimulating, empowering, sexy, authentic, loving relationship with a man who adores me and keeps me grounded, so I can continue to create the career I dream of. I am forever grateful for Lisa and the work that she does for us ladies. Since the day I started working with her, the breakthroughs I’ve had are innumerous.”
B. Regis| Reiki Master + Spiritual Movement Coach

Here's A Quick Summary of What's Included in The Love Detox 

  • (6) Bi-monthly LIVE 45-minute interactive private love coaching calls via phone

  • Recordings of each bi-monthly coaching call in a digital mp3 format for your lifestyle convenience.

  • Action-Worksheets and Google Forms for your Love Assignments and reflection feedback after each call to shift into action and create lasting results

  • (1) 30-Day Post check-in coaching call

  • Unlimited email access with 48 hour response time 


"Working with Lisa was one of the most powerful and enlightening experiences of my life.  Lisa has the gift of getting down to the nitty gritty of what your blocks and limiting beliefs are around love. She coaches you to see what's holding you back, helps you open up and break through old patterns, provides roadmaps to build better foundations and interactions with the people you love and then guides you in discovering new ways of being. Lisa is a positive, fun, supportive and intuitive guide to help you recognize destructive behaviors, shift your awareness, and gain valuable insight into your lovescape. I highly recommend her. She is the cheerleader you never knew you needed to help you attract the love you want and deserve."

Sadee B.| Artist + Advisor
This Is Your Time To Align With the Love You Desire!

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6-Month Payment Plan
$8,497   $4,997 
Full Payment
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