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Pleasure Is NOT A Dirty Word


A “Woman’s Place” In Sexuality
As women, many of us learned about our “roles” in sexuality while we were helping our mothers, aunts, and grandmothers cook dinner and tending to other domestic responsibilities. Many women were taught that a woman’s role in sexuality is solely for procreation, pleasing her (male sexual) partner (in which he directs you!), and (unconsciously) serving as a sex symbol for other men. Anything other than these three roles was deemed inappropriate behavior of a “good woman” Sexual initiation of any kind was only appropriate behavior for men. Yes, even modern still can unconsciously believe this. When many women think of pleasure we often think of how we can provide it for someone else. It tends to be all about meeting someone else needs and desires while making ours secondary (even non-existent). Some women would say that giving pleasure to a partner or loved one in fact makes them feel good is a beautiful thing. However, it is when there is a fear of shame and guilt from receiving sexual pleasure that it can be thought of as a dirty word. Here are some tips to get over the sexual ideals of your family and savor pleasure with and from your lover.

A Lady in the Streets Can Do Anything She Wants Between the Sheets
Just because you’re a “good girl” in your everyday life doesn’t mean it’s wrong to be anything but “a Santa or Nun” in bed. Please know that what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom, is just that…private. It’s not your family or community’s business regardless of what they tell you! You and your partner are consenting adults of sound mind and body, so what you both choose to do together is for your ears and eyes only.

Accept Your Self-Worth
If you feel that your sexual partner is worthy of receiving pleasure from you, then you need to clearly and wholeheartedly understand and accept that you deserve the same pleasure from your partner in return. If you are going to have sex, the entire point of the encounter is two people enjoying each other’s bodies with the capacity to connect on a soul level. So Chica, I implore you to relax and learn to receive.

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body
After you have taken sexual responsibility, it is time to forget what you heard and focus on what you’re feeling (physically feeling that is). Seriously, what do you want? How do you want to be touched? Do you want your partner to be aggressive or sensual (or both)? The sky is the limit (or the ceiling!) You might be thinking “Lisa, I don’t know” or “I am not sure what I want”. Well then, I recommend that you take your personal pleasure into your own hands. I highly suggest that you do this by masturbating and give yourself the freedom to fantasize. You might be thinking “Lisa, I don’t want to have sex alone”. Um hello, it’s your fantasy! You can invite whomever you want to pleasure you. But guess what, in reality, if you’re not enjoying the sex with your actual partner then he is having sex alone. I mean you’re basically an awesome bilingual robot with curves.

More MExploration
Since I am all about sensuality, I recommend that when you first masturbate that you go all-natural and use your five digits to learn about your vagina, vulva, clitoris, g-spot, and all your goodie nerves. This is all about discovering the pleasurable sensations that your private body parts are capable of with natural forms of touch. After all, we all know that real penises don’t vibrate, so the exploration must start with getting into you.

Once you’ve enjoyed your fabulous vagina and you want to explore some more, I suggest that you buy some sex toys online for privacy or go to your local Babeland (or any other sex toy shop). Be sure to go with a trustworthy sexually open girlfriend and speak with the salesperson about the different sex toys for your needs. Trust me Chica, a couple of orgasms is all the confidence you’ll need to really start getting off with (and on) your partner.

When You’re Loving, Just Let It All Go
One of the best parts of embracing sexual pleasure is the opportunity to let go. We are always bogged down with worry and responsibility for our partners, children, career, family expectations, etc. Damn, can a woman get a break! Remember, to unlock your bedroom bliss: accept that you are worthy, know that you are not dirty, love that you can be naughty. If you desire…

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