A Love Breakthrough Session Is Right For You If...

You love taking the lead in your career but have no desire to lead the men you date

You’re over being told that men find you intimidating

You finally ended a long-term relationship where you thought he was the one, but was he never ready

You’re done going back and forth with an ex (or a bae or boo you never even dated) and all their broken promises

You finalized your divorce and ready to begin again

You built your empire and you’re ready to focus on love

You’re open to connecting for dating, yet you don’t seem to be meeting men or the right men

You love your girlfriends, but you don’t want to keep taking recycled advice from them with the same dating dilemmas

You know you’re relationship material, yet you keep attracting men who only want “situation-ships”

You want love, but instead, you keep finding lust with all the same types of men

You’re starting to feel guarded and emotionally unavailable, because of all your past hurts in love

You’re ready to discover how you can get what you want with expert support to have what your heart truly desires

What if you could have…

a vibrant love life, without sacrificing your career

a romantic relationship, without compromising your values and desires

the freedom to express your authentic self without guilt or shame

I’m here to tell you that it is ALL possible!

And it's time for a Love Breakthrough Session

What We Will Cover In The 90-Minute Love Breakthrough Session:

1. Where Am I In My Love Life?: Here you get to take a look at the (current) reality of your love life. What scenarios and who do you keep choosing in love? And why? How are these choices supporting you (or not?) You get to be honest with yourself to move forward in love.

2. What Do I Want For My Love Life?: Here you get to the core and gain clarity about your authentic love goals. And what and how you need to declutter and detox your love life for where you want to be.

3. How Can I Finally Have The Love Life I Want?: With me as your love rock, I will support you with a powerful strategy to move forward and make you magnetic to the love you desire now.

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What Powerful Women Are Saying

Jessica Troche, Sales Coordinator

“I met Lisa while I was in an unhealthy relationship. Can you say perfect timing? After only one workshop, I ended that relationship and began my journey and quest for love. Through my journey I discovered what I truly desired in a romantic partner. I wanted commitment, respect, loyalty and a family. Two years later, and here I am, in a loving, healthy, powerful relationship with a man that was ready to commit so much so that he put a ring on it! Thank you Lisa because if it wasn’t for you, I would have never had the tools to get clear about what I was looking for.”

Jessica Troche, Sales Coordinator
Brittany Regis, Reiki Master & Spiritual Movement Coach

“When I met Lisa, I was in a long-distance situationship! I was giving my love to someone who not only didn’t want to commit to me, but wasn’t even there to court me and fulfill my needs… But then again, at the time I didn’t even think I had needs. Lisa guided me in really getting clear about what it is that I wanted and needed in a romantic relationship. I was able to let go of him and started attracting chivalrous, supportive, commitment-ready men. Lisa supported me through the dating process by always keeping me honest about what I said I wanted- especially when I grew impatient and wanted to settle for less than what I knew I deserved (sometimes the exes pop-up just to see if they stand a chance!). Now I am in a passionate, supportive, mind-stimulating, empowering, sexy, authentic, loving relationship with a man who adores me and keeps me grounded, so I can continue to create the career I dream of. I am forever grateful for Lisa and the work that she does for us ladies. Since the day I started working with her, the breakthroughs I’ve had are innumerous.”

Brittany Regis, Reiki Master & Spiritual Movement Coach
Sandra Diaz, Career & Job Coach

Before working with Lisa I had not been on any dates for over a year and felt invisible to men at the many events I attended. After my 6-week Love Detox I had gone on several dates from events and online. After my 9-month Love Mastery I now usually get asked out at every event I attend. That is because Lisa helped me move from self-pity to celebrating men. Also, the coaching allowed me to end a dissatisfying dating relationship in just 4 months. In the past I had hung on to this type of man for 4 years, hoping to get but not directly communicating what I wanted. As a result of this work, I also started exercising and dancing regularly, which fills my tank. And most importantly, I shifted from wanting to be married to prove my worth to living in the freedom that I am valuable no matter my relationship status. These are just a few of the results that I achieved with the program! Lisa is the most effective coach I have ever worked with.”

Sandra Diaz, Career & Job Coach

You're Ready For The Love of A Lifetime

Make this your time to gain clarity and get ready to attract the extraordinary love you desire!

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