Level Up Your Love Life 
A 10-DAY CHALLENGE For the Soulful Boss Lady Ready to Align With Her Love Goals

Imagine If You Could..

get over your ex and stop dating men just like him


glow up and get out in the world after a bad break up (or getting ghosted or gaslit)


take a new empowered approach to dating


start dating again, without compromising your values and desires


embrace the freedom to express your authentic self without fearing rejection

I’m here to tell you that it is ALL possible!

This Challenge is For You If…

You’re open to dating, but once the pandemic hit your lost your mojo and you want to get motivated


You’re done going back and forth with an ex (or a bae or boo you never even dated).


You finalized your divorce and are ready to begin again, but you don’t know where to start.


You love your girlfriends, but you don’t want to take their recycled advice with the same dating dilemmas.


You want clarity because you keep ending up in the same dating scenarios and you don’t know why.


You’re open to dating, but you don’t seem to find the romantic connections your desire.


You’ve always put your career first. But now, you’re ready for love, yet you’re not sure where to begin.


You’re done trying to figure love and dating out on your own and you’re ready to level up now

Level Up Your Love Life Course At A Glance
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Everyday for 10 days you’ll get an email with a love assignment and proven strategies to take inspired and aligned action to jump start your new love life from the inside out.

Video Coaching

Along with your emails you’ll receive daily inspirational and intuitive love coaching videos guiding you through each day to upgrade your love goals.

PDF Worksheets

You'll receive mindful + reflective activities to your inbox to put what you learned into action with love assignments for clarity and accountability. 

Benefits of Level Up Your Love Life 
Feel like your authentic self loving self again even during quarantine and after

Attract and engage with the aligned romantic opportunities for you (YES! during a pandemic)


Be ready for love before the pandemic is over without having to start from scratch


Be clear of bonds with exes, boos and f***bois to attract romantic options that are aligned with you


Have clarity on what you truly desire in a committed romantic life partnership

Amazing Praise From Amazing Women
“I met Lisa while I was in an unhealthy relationship. Can you say perfect timing? After only one workshop, I ended that relationship and began my journey and quest for love. Through my journey I discovered what I truly desired in a romantic partner. I wanted commitment, respect, loyalty and a family. Two years later, and here I am, in a loving, healthy, powerful relationship with a man that was ready to commit so much so that he put a ring on it! Thank you Lisa because if it wasn’t for you, I would have never had the tools to get clear about what I was looking for.”
Jessica Troche


Lisa Velazquez is the Founder and Ladypreneur behind Lisa Talks Love; a holistic love-style coaching company for high-achieving successful single women.

Lisa helps successful single women break through and heal from unhealthy dating and relationship patterns to reignite their glow up, start dating from a place of self-love and align with the love they desire.

Lisa has an intuitive gift for getting to the heart of the matter of what's blocking you on your love journey. 

Lisa’s passion for self-love and sensuality from the inside out has led her on a mission to cultivate a community of powerful women around the world who live well, date wise and love sexy.

Amazing Praise From Amazing Women
“When I met Lisa, I was in a long-distance situationship! I was giving my love to someone who not only didn’t want to commit to me, but wasn’t even there to court me and fulfill my needs… But then again, at the time I didn’t even think I had needs. Lisa guided me in really getting clear about what it is that I wanted and needed in a romantic relationship. I was able to let go of him and started attracting chivalrous, supportive, commitment-ready men. Now I am in a passionate, supportive, mind-stimulating, empowering, sexy, authentic, loving relationship with a man who adores me and keeps me grounded, so I can continue to create the career I dream of. I am forever grateful for Lisa and the work that she does for us ladies. Since the day I started working with her, the breakthroughs I’ve had are innumerous.”
Brittany Regis
Ready To Level Up To Be Your #RelationshipGoals This Year?

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