Hey, I'm Lisa Velazquez

I help passionate single women heal and break unhealthy dating and relationship patterns to reignite their self love and align with the love they desire.

Does This Sounds Like Your Love Life?

You're relationship ready, yet you've spent years investing your heart in someone who isn't. And now you're done and finally ready to move on.

You're actively dating, but you keep ending up in the same dating scenarios. And now you're ready to find out why and reclaim your time.

You were ready to put yourself out there and start dating, but when the pandemic hit, you went back into the same cycle of not dating.

You've always put your career first. And now you feel established and ready to focus your energy on your love life. But you're not sure where to start.

You courageously ended a long term relationship or marriage. And now you're ready to heal and begin again.

What if you could...

ignites sexy passionate connections, without attracting or settling for sexual relationships.

enjoys the flow of dating, without wasting time with someone who wants a “situationship”.

savors charm and chivalry, without forgetting to gauge what your love interest is ready and available for emotionally.

It's time to own your value and let go of proving your worth in your romantic life.

Because heartbreak, trauma, or an unlucky phase in love is not always going to be your story.

I teach you how to open your heart to extraordinary love, because you are more powerful than your pain.

This is your opportunity to become the author of your love story!

All you need is support and guidance to align on your love journey.

Want advice that can help you get clarity about what's blocking you on your love journey? Listen to Lisa's podcast and interviews for a Love A-HA moments for you to level up your love life.

Ready to feel inspired by your love life again? If you're done being in stagnant dating scenarios and want to a romantic reboot, take the 10-Day Challenge for the soulful boss lady ready to align with her #lovegoals

Ready to discover your love blind spots and break unhealthy dating and relationship patterns, join the like-hearted intuitive love coaching program for passionate single women ready to align dating with self love.

The Love You Desire Matters!

The world is full of powerful women, like you, who deserve to have a love life that matches the high standards you live by.

But, somewhere you learned that you had to choose between a successful career or love life and I'm here to tell you that you don't!

You are a woman of action who wants to thrive in life and you crave a love that accepts you for who you are.

You are ENOUGH. 

I get you because I see you. Your take charge attitude has gotten you this far and now you're ready to focus in one particular area of your life that has alluded so far...your love life.

I'm here to fill you in on a secret, you don't have to do it alone...anymore.

Watch The Workshop and Make Now Your Time to Break Through and Heal To Align With The Love You Desire.

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