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The Love Life You Desire Matters.

Because You Matter. You are Enough and You are Valuable.

What if you could…

Have a vibrant love life, without sacrificing your career success

Open your heart to the extraordinary love you want, without worrying about past experiences

Have success in dating and relationships, without compromising your values and desires

I’m here to tell you that it’s all possible

My name is Lisa Velazquez and I’m an Intuitive Love Coach

I help powerful single women reconnect with their self-value to be ready for the love life they desire. 

The world is full of powerful women just like you.

I get you! You’re in a powerful position. You take action. You keep it moving.  You get things done.

When you lead, invest your time, and give your support, you do so abundantly with great successful results.

But have you chosen to take on way too much? At the expense of success in your love life?

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 3 Signs That Reveal When A Man’s Not Right For You (Even When You Think He’s Amazing)

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Well, then it’s time to allow yourself to RECEIVE the same support from others for love.

You might be thinking, "But Lisa I don't know  where to start"

This is where I come in to be your Chief Love Officer! Just like a business mentor and the team you have to grow and run a business, a creative project or support a great cause or a community, you get to receive the same valuable support to attract the love YOU want.

You being courageous and staying true to what your heart intimately desires.

This is how you'll become the leading lady in your love life, just like you dream about.

A woman who ignites sexy passionate connections, without attracting or settling for sexual relationships.

A woman who enjoys the flow of dating, without wasting time with someone who wants "situationships".

A woman who savors charm and chivalry, without forgetting to gauge what your love interest is ready and available for emotionally.

The woman that is yearning to come out of your heart.

The woman who is seen, heard, honored, desired and loved for her true essence.

This is the woman who lives from a place of self-value.

This woman is YOU!

I'm here to help you reconnect with you! An epic reconnection to owning your value and letting go of proving your worth in your romantic life.

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3 Signs That Reveal When A Man’s Not Right For You (Even When You Think He’s Amazing)

privacy I value your privacy and would never spam you